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Beyond the Boroughs National Scholarship Fund and Indigo Group Announce Strategic Partnership to Expand Scholarship Program.

Dallas, TX and New York, NY – Beyond the Boroughs Scholarship Fund is pleased to announce a collaborative partnership with Indigo Group, LLC. The partnership aims to raise awareness about the unmet financial needs of graduating high school students in Dallas, Texas and generate greater support for fundraising efforts to help meet those needs.

Paving the way for others, NFL Veteran Tutan Reyes, founded Beyond the Boroughs, a national scholarship fund that rewards college-minded students from low-income families that have college acceptance letters, but unmet financial need.  Scholarships of up to $20,000 are awarded over a four year period.  These “last dollars in” are pivotal, and can make the difference in fulfilling students’ dreams of a college education.

“Higher Education is the foundation of a strong community, and we are proud to have Indigo Group join us in helping graduating high school students meet their higher education goals,” said Beyond the Boroughs Founder, Tutan Reyes.

The partnership between Beyond the Boroughs and Indigo Group is based on certain shared values and beliefs; indeed, both groups believe that – like a college education – charity should not be reserved for the privileged few.  Our motto — “If you have a little, give a little and if you have a lot, give more” — has inspired many people and groups to fund scholarships, embodying the true meaning of philanthropy.

Reyes remarked “As the President of Beyond the Boroughs Scholarship Fund, I am very pleased to welcome Thomas Foley from Indigo Group to the Beyond the Boroughs Board of Directors and Jonathan Shechter from Indigo Group to our Advisory Board. I am also excited to create an Advisory Board in Dallas to begin creating specific Beyond the Boroughs initiatives for students from the Dallas area.”

Thomas Foley, a resident of Dallas, Texas will be spearheading Beyond the Boroughs’ initiatives in Texas. Remarking on the opportunity, “Education is vital for growth and we must strive to deliver educational opportunities for all students.  And this starts by helping one student. For, indeed, by helping just one student, you help many.  Education spreads and multiplies – this is a true return on investment!  We are very excited to be a part of Beyond the Boroughs and we thank Tutan for the opportunity to join his effort.”

About Indigo Group

Indigo Group is a business advisory and private equity firm, with offices in NYC and Dallas, focused on delivering strategic business advice to its clients and portfolio companies. Indigo Group is comprised of three divisions — Indigo Hospitality, Indigo Ventures, and Indigo Capital.  Indigo Group’s services incorporate a comprehensive legal understanding of key business decisions, allowing clients to properly balance strategic vision, execution and risk considerations. Indigo Group, along with its affiliated law firm, Foley Shechter, LLP, offers business advisory, investment banking services, and corporate risk management. For more information about Indigo Group, visit

For more information, please contact Beyond the Boroughs Administrator, Ray Reyes at Follow us on Twitter @BTBScholarship and like us on Facebook at Beyond the Boroughs.

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