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At Beyond the Boroughs, every gift, of any size, of any kind, counts.

By offsetting the cost of college tuition, Beyond the Boroughs helps young achievers take care of the many other expenses required to thrive in school. There is no doubt that college is the key to a higher quality of life and is instrumental to the prosperity of our society as a whole.

It is an unfortunate fact that the combination of hard work and a bright mind does not guarantee success. Success, no matter how one quantifies it, is inextricably bound to higher learning, and economic hardship and skyrocketing tuition costs make the dream of upward social mobility achieved through a degree impossible for millions of capable young people. Tutan Reyes created Beyond the Boroughs so that these driven minds can afford to take this first step toward professional achievement. Beyond the Boroughs is a nonprofit organization that gets to help students on their way to a brighter future.

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Beyond the Boroughs

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Beyond the Boroughs is a charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Why You Should Give to Beyond the Boroughs:

  • The percentage of middle income families who rely on federal aid skyrocketed from 8% in 1992 to 45% in 2000 and has continued this upward trend.
  • The recession has led foundations, corporations, state governments, and colleges themselves to reduce their support of providers of scholarships, and in recent months, programs have been reduced or canceled outright. –New York Times
  • College graduates are less likely to be unemployed.
  • College graduates earn more: over an adult’s working life, bachelor’s degree holders earn approximately $2.1 million, while high school graduates earn approximately $1.2 million.

No amount is too small. Please give what you can.

Spread the Word to Deserving Students:

After you make a donation of any size to Beyond the Boroughs, please leverage that donation by contacting a school or nonprofit organization close to your heart and tell them about Beyond the Boroughs.

By making a donation and a phone call, you open the doors of opportunity to new students.

If you’d like us to make that call for you, please let us know and a Beyond the Boroughs staff member will be sure to contact the school or nonprofit of your choice to ensure all eligible students know about the Beyond the Boroughs scholarship.

Beyond The Boroughs :: National Scholarship Fund