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Team Members

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Colin: Long Island, NY

Colin is an 11-year-old Jacksonville Jaguar fan who heard about Beyond the Boroughs when Beyond the Boroughs’ founder, Tutan Reyes, was playing for the Jaguars. Colin set up a hot chocolate and brownie stand in his neighborhood and raised $200 that he donated to Beyond the Boroughs. Five months later, Colin attended our First Annual Football Mini-Camp, where he honed some of his football skills and was able to meet some of his favorite NFL players. Prior to the football camp, Colin had never met Tutan, but decided to do something to help students attend college.

Brenda: Queens, NY

Every month American Express employee Brenda makes a donation to Beyond the Boroughs from her paycheck as an Executive Assistant. American Express matches Brenda’s donation through the Charitable Donation Matching program. Through this program, Brenda gave Beyond the Boroughs more than $1,000 last year alone.

Lee: Staten Island, NY

Lee is a New York City educator and New York Giants season ticket holder who met Tutan at training camp when Tutan was a New York Giant. During their conversation Tutan told Lee about Beyond the Boroughs. Months later when Beyond the Boroughs was having a fundraising event, Tutan called to invite Lee. Lee decided to get more involved. He contacted all of his friends, colleagues, and family and was able to raise $1,000, which he donated to Beyond the Boroughs at our Bowling Challenge in October 2009.

Will: Katonah, NY

Will attended the First Annual Beyond the Boroughs Football Mini-Camp in 2009 when he was eight years old. The day after the mini-camp, Will’s parents found him cleaning the garage. Will asked his parents for money for doing this voluntary chore. When his parents asked why he had this sudden urge to make money, he said, “I want to help Tutan send kids to college.” He sent Tutan $42 in cash and a great letter to Beyond the Boroughs.

David: New York, NY

David works for BTIG, an institutional trading firm in New York City. David is a friend of a Beyond the Boroughs board member and was invited to a fund raising event in April 2009. At the next event in October 2009, David wanted to do more than attend. He took it upon himself to ask everyone who works on his trading floor for a donation and was able to raise $7,000, which he personally donated to Beyond the Boroughs at our Bowling Challenge in October 2009.

Beyond The Boroughs :: National Scholarship Fund