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Application Tips

The Beyond the Boroughs Scholarship Committee receives many applications each year so it is in your best interest to submit the strongest application package possible. Below are important tips to guide you through the application process and ensure that you submit a competitive application.

Getting Ready

  • Familiarize yourself with the information on our website you should know about our founder, Tutan Reyes, and what distinguishes this scholarship from other opportunities.
  • Read the application from beginning to end to get familiar with the questions.
  • Set aside enough time to work on the application and do not wait until the last minute.
  • Your Student Aid Report (SAR) summarizes the information you provided on your FAFSA and should contain your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) in the upper right-hand portion. The EFC is the number used to determine your eligibility for federal student aid. You typically receive your SAR by email three to five days after your FAFSA has been processed.
  • If you have questions about the application, ask a school administrator for help or contact Beyond the Boroughs at 914-458-2926 or Please click HERE for tips on sending an appropriate email.

Writing the Application

  • Make sure you fill out every blank on the application form. If something does not apply to you, write N/A, which stands for Not Applicable.
  • Treat all of the essay questions as you would an important paper for school. Take the time to do them well. Make sure there are no errors: avoid typos, spelling errors, or other careless mistakes. An error-free application demonstrates that you are a serious candidate and that you care about the scholarship opportunity.
  • Make sure your essays are focused, rather than trying to cover too many topics.

Before You Submit

  • PROOFREAD! Make sure to use your computer’s spell check feature and check several times. Also read your answers aloud to yourself in order to catch mistakes. Nothing can hurt your chances more than an application full of spelling mistakes, uncapitalized letters that should be capitalized, or other typos.
  • Have a parent, guardian, or teacher read through your application to check your answers and make sure you have not left anything out.
  • Reread, edit, and reread again!

All completed forms should be submitted online.

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