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Rocking the Boat Educational Training Scholarship

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Beyond the Boroughs has partnered with Rocking the Boat to administer the Rocking the Boat Educational Training Scholarship. The scholarship is designed to support Rocking the Boat graduates move on to their next steps by providing them with $2,500 towards post-high school training.

Please read all of the information below and use the links provided to become eligible and apply. If you have already submitted your essay, you should use the link here to apply for funding from your scholarship.


  • Must graduate from high school or get a high school equivalency
  • Must have attended Rocking the Boat core programming regularly
  • Must have attended relevant professional development programming
  • Must apply for the scholarship by the submitting the scholarship essay on time
  • Please click here to complete the essay to become eligible for the scholarship

Application for Funding 

Once you are eligible for the scholarship. Please click here to apply for the scholarship.

Please note:

  • You only have to complete the essay once to become eligible
  • You have to submit an application for funding each time you would like to request money
  • You are eligible to receive a total $2,500
  • You can submit unlimited requests for funding until you reach $2,500
  • Once you submit your request for funding, Beyond the Boroughs and Rocking the Boat will notify you within 10 days if your request has been approved
  • Money will be distributed directly to your university, program or to you
  • If you have any questions please email or call Ray Reyes at or 917.374.0236


Beyond The Boroughs :: National Scholarship Fund